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Camping Single Burner Propane Stove

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Outdoor Single Burner Propane Stove with Regulator Hose, Built with Cast Iron.

Powerful Single-Burner Travel Stovetop Provides Amazing Portability & Cooking Flexibility for Camping, Tailgates, Backyard Barbecues, Parties, Catering, Trucking, RV Travel & More | Set Includes Stove, PSI Regulator [0-20], Propane Hose

Spacious One-Burner Range Delivers High Heat Output Up to 200,000 BTUs for Diverse Food Preparations. Boil Water, Simmer Soups, Chilis & Stews, Fry Eggs, Sausage & Bacon, Grill Steaks & Chicken, Fry Vegetable.

Well Welded Cast Iron Frame with Strong Sturdy 4-Leg Construction Offers Excellent Stability, Versatility & Accessibility—Simply Place on Ground or Atop Table for Comfortable Cooking.

Control Panel for Flame Adjustment Built-In Temperature Regulation Gives You Easy Control Over Heat Intensity for Uniform Cooking & Beautiful Blue Flame Regardless of Wind or Weather 

Size: 15" x 15" x 12.5"H

Power: 9.5KW(200,000 BTU)